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Fandom Number 5

One, two, three four five.
Everybody on tumblr come on let’s blog
'bout the sexy men we ship together 
The writers say it’s not canon but we never believe them 

New episode just came out
Something just happened come on let’s shout
I like fanfiction, OTPs, shipping and pairing
And as I continue, you know I am a creeper 

So what can I do? I really beg of you Fandom.
To me slashing is just like a sport
Anything goes, as long as I’m anon 

Please send it to my ask box

A bit of Supernatural in my life
A little bit of Potter by my side
A visit from the Doctor’s all I need
Deductions of Sherlock’s all I see
Waiting for Avengers out in May 
A little bit of Cherik makes my day
A bit of Hunger Games, I volunteer
A lot of Fandom makes me a Nerd 

Jump up and down, and fangirl all around
Keyboard smash to the sound, flip tables to the ground
Bloc one pic here, and one gif there
Anon ask here, anon-hate there
Flail your arms once, and flail your arms twice
And if you look insane then you’re doin’ it right.

Fandom! The Fandom!
Ship it like FedEx ha ha ha


They do all to
Ruin our lives with their fucking looks
But they can’t run, and they can’t hide
With tumblr we feel alive 

Fandom numba 5!